October 20, 2021

Personalize Personal Fitness With Custom Outdoor Fitness Equipment 

Personal fitness is, well, personal. Everyone has their own health and wellness goals, fitness levels, and physical abilities. We’ve written about the benefits of outdoor fitness for people who want to take their workouts outdoors. But if your community wants to personalize the personal fitness experience, we have some ideas!

Combine GameTime outdoor fitness products to personal a personal fitness area outdoors

Just like the custom outdoor fitness training studio at Woodland Mound, we work with colleges, parks departments, and other organizations that want to create a space that’s the perfect fit. Read on and learn three reasons you should consider custom outdoor fitness equipment. 

Something for Everybody

Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It’s called personal fitness for a reason. While our standard outdoor fitness equipment accommodates many users of all ages and abilities, some communities may need a custom solution to help people accomplish their goals. 

For example, physical therapy patients and elite athletes can benefit from using outdoor fitness equipment, but their needs are different. A Crossfit gym, whose members are typically well-conditioned and love a challenge, could customize a set of equipment that focuses on pushing them to the limit. Some gyms use outdoor fitness equipment for group classes or athletic training.

Physical therapists at Glenrose Hospital use outdoor fitness equipment for outdoor therapy and exercise

Physical therapists have a responsibility to help patients regain strength and mobility, sometimes after tragic events. Being able to bring patients outside to enjoy all the mental health benefits nature provides, all while working on equipment that was designed to aid in their healing process, is a win-win. 

With a custom fitness park, you can dial in the features and benefits to create the perfect fit for anyone. Here are some of the benefits of creating a custom fitness experience:

  • Help physical therapy patients regain strength
  • Provide a place for group boot camp classes
  • Help athletes train for obstacle course races
  • Bring the community together

The Right Size for the Right Space

We are continually updating, expanding, and enhancing our outdoor workout equipment. In addition to products to create an outdoor gym, we recently added The Stadium. The Stadium takes the obstacle course experience we made with Challenge Course and condenses it into a smaller footprint for children. 

Imagine designing a custom fitness park with The Stadium and GTfit. While adults are exercising in one area, the children can be active as well. It’s a terrific way to set a positive example for healthy habits. 

Whether you have wide-open spaces or a sliver of green space to work with, GameTime’s custom design team can create a fitness space that fits any space or budget. We’ll work with you to understand the needs in the community and the ages of potential users. Then we will craft a design that attracts people to your park and keeps them exercising longer. 

From fitness trails to compact outdoor gyms, we can custom design, manufacture, or configure the suitable fitness equipment collection for you.

Show Your True Colors With Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Are purple and green your local school’s colors? Do you need your equipment to jump out and make a statement? Or blend in with its surroundings? With custom options, you can design the equipment and choose colors and styles that fit the aesthetic of your space. Only GameTime offers a complete line of outdoor fitness equipment available in all of our material color options. 

Complement your school colors or the natural surroundings with color options

Design the Perfect Fit

Having outdoor fitness products in your neighborhood encourages adults to be more active. 

Designing a custom outdoor gym empowers you to create a fitness space that meets your community's specific needs. We can combine GameTime’s standard fitness products with custom designs for a fitness gym tailor-made to your specifications. And with our full range of color options, you have even more design flexibility. 

Ready to personalize personal fitness in your park or community green space? Contact a GameTime outdoor fitness expert in your area today.