November 03, 2017

PCI Certifies GameTime Paint Process

Quality, Certified.

GameTime's manufacturing facility (PlayCore's Southern Fulfillment Center in Fort Payne, Alabama) recently achieved PCI 4000 Certification from the Powder Coating Institute. 

Powder coating is a high-performance painting process which must be maintained and controlled to optimize the performance of the finish. PCI Certification is an extensive audit program which evaluates:

  • business practices
  • process elements and equipment
  • maintenance practices and quality control capabilities

The audit determines a manufacturer's capability to produce a high-quality powder coated product.

GameTime's manufacturing facility was evaluated by 11 criteria including surface preparation, ovens/curing, quality control, training, maintenance, packaging and customer satisfaction. The rigorous criteria ensure the powder coating achieves a high level of excellence throughout the process. 

(GameTime's 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Fort Payne, Alabama)

PCI Executive Director Trena Benson stated in a letter to GameTime, "You have demonstrated you understand powder coating is a high-performance painting process and must be maintained and controlled to optimize the performance of the finish." Benson's letter also stated the certification "...reflects you have the capability, processes, and competency in place to supply a high-quality powder coated product."

The certification represents the ongoing commitment of GameTime to provide products of the highest possible quality. "Quality and customer satisfaction are our priority,” said Spencer Cheak, GameTime Group President and General Manager of the Southern Fulfillment Center. “To be recognized by a third party for our conscientious manufacturing practices and processes is not only a testament to all the hard work our team puts in to ensure a top-quality product but an overall assurance of quality our customers can trust.”

Read the full press release from PlayCore 

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