April 24, 2018

New Guide Helps You Find Playground Funding

Funds. Found.

The Playground Funding Guide from GameTime has been updated for 2018 and is now available. Request your copy today to locate local, state and national funding sources for play and recreation projects.

The 2018 Playground Funding Guide from GameTime is available as a PDF download,
making it the perfect portable guide to playground funding sources.

The Funds Are Out There!

It is estimated there is over $300 billion available to fund playgrounds, fitness parks and other recreation spaces. We've researched hundreds of funding sources and compiled them into the 2018 Playground Funding Guide. Inside the guide, you'll find contact information for each source, the types of grants and funding awards they provide, and details on submitting requests for funds. 

Request your free copy of the GameTime Playground Funding Guide. You will receive a link via email to download the PDF file.