July 22, 2019

New Challenge Course in Alabama Will Be Research Site

Making Fitness Fun


Construction of a new Challenge Course by GameTime® is underway at Fort Payne Middle School in Fort Payne, Alabama. The course is among the first outdoor obstacle courses designed using GameTime’s new DIY (Design It Yourself) modular approach to Challenge Course. With DIY, customers can select the course components they like most and install them according to their preference to create a course that enhances balance, strength, and speed/agility. 

Rendering of the completed outdoor obstacle course at Fort Payne Middle School and photo of site construction


The 5,000-square-foot outdoor obstacle course at Fort Payne Middle School was designed to enhance the physical education efforts of teachers and coaches and to enhance the health and wellness of FPMS students. It includes 11 obstacles, professional-grade synthetic turf and an advanced timing system that displays the users time on a large scoreboard. Adjacent to the main course is a two-lane 40-yard dash with separate timers so students can compete with one another side-by-side.

The starting point of the FPMS Challenge Course is Ninja Steps, a side-to-side leaping obstacle that propels the user toward the upcoming obstacles


Challenge Course by GameTime™ was released in 2015 and since that time community parks and schools have embraced the concept of a fun, competitive space for users of all ages and fitness levels. The courses attract visitors of all walks of life and encourage social interaction across all social strata. For schools, they create opportunities for fitness to be a fun part of daily student life. From physical education classes and team training to before/after school activities, Challenge Course is an effective way to keep students moving and physically active.

Rendering of the finish area of the FPMS Outdoor Obstacle Course


The new Challenge Course at Fort Payne Middle School will be ready for students returning for the Fall 2019 semester and will be a National Demonstration Site for Outdoor Fitness. It will also serve as a research site for GameTime’s engineers and designers. GameTime will conduct regular assessments of the equipment and its usage to determine future product development to enhance the Challenge Course experience in communities around the world.

Contact the GameTime fitness expert in your neighborhood to learn more about Challenge Course and how it can enhance health and wellness for every member of your community.