January 24, 2014

Moving Fitness Forward in Florida

The two mile loop at Jervey 
Gantt Health Trail is much more than a walking and jogging path.
 It is a symbol of a progressive community that blazed the trail to providing outdoor fitness options for its citizens. Two decades ago 
it was one of the first such trails developed in Northern Florida, designed to help adults and families live more active, healthy lives.

The City of Ocala has always 
been focused on creating a high standard of living for its citizens. In 2013, community leaders decided to enhance the popular trail with outdoor fitness equipment, but they weren’t willing to settle for anything but the very best. They wanted to make sure that the products they selected provided 
all the elements of a well-rounded fitness program and they wanted them to appeal to users of all fitness levels.

GameTime responded with the GTfit Advanced Series, the most innovative outdoor fitness products available. Built from durable, low- maintenance materials and designed to look like the machines you find in professional health clubs, the Advanced Series utilizes our exclusive resistance technologies to provide
a great workout for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

As you walk along the trail you encounter groupings of GTfit products in fitness stations, such
 as our Elliptical and Chin Up or a 
Lat Pull Down with a Hand Cycle. 
By grouping products together, GameTime was able to create unique workout experiences that are fun, challenging and adaptable to each user’s fitness level. By choosing GTfit Advanced, the City of Ocala continues its legacy of creating opportunities for better health and is moving fitness forward.