February 11, 2019

Mitchell Chang Foundation Plans First Inclusive Playground in San Antonio

Hope. Healing. Play.

In 2018, Marvin and April Chang suffered the devastating loss of their son Mitchell in a drowning accident. They quickly discovered their mourning was shared by the entire community of San Antonio and learned how deeply other families were impacted by the loss of their loving, imaginative child. Mitchell's family formed the Mitchell Chang Foundation to honor his exuberant and compassionate spirit by continuing his good story.

One of the Foundation's goals is to provide safety-conscious playgrounds that spark joyful play, encourage imagination, and create life-long memories. “We wanted to create something positive out of this tragedy,” said April Chang. “We wanted to create a place for children and families of all abilities in San Antonio to come together and play.”

GameTime and Total Recreation Products are honored to support the Mitchell Chang Foundation in their mission. Working together, we will design Mitchell's Landing, a themed inclusive playground based on the research found in Me2: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design. The design process involves meetings with key stakeholders to assess needs and objectives, a review of inclusive play products and an evaluation of the overall space to ensure it meets the requirements to be recognized as a National Demonstration Site for Inclusive Play.


"Mitchell's Landing will be the first inclusive playground of its kind in San Antonio," said Kent Callison, Inclusive Play Champion with GameTime. "It will be a community centerpiece and a gathering place for children and families for years to come. It will be part of the good story." 

To learn more or to contribute to the project, visit The Mitchell Chang Foundation Website.