February 17, 2021

Introducing The StadiumⓇ - a Compact Outdoor Obstacle Course From GameTime

In 2015 GameTime introduced Challenge Course - the industry's first outdoor obstacle course solution. Challenge Course created a new category of outdoor recreation. It provided a way for older children to stay active once they grew too old for a traditional playground, and it encouraged people from every generation to be active together.

Hundreds of Challenge Courses are installed around the world. People love the fun, friendly competition they create between family and friends. But not every community has the budget or space for an outdoor fitness amenity like a large-scale outdoor obstacle course.

That's where The Stadium comes in.

A Complete Outdoor Obstacle Course For Small Spaces

If your community is looking for an outdoor obstacle course, but you don't have 3,000-5,000 square feet to install Challenge Course, The Stadium is a perfect solution. It combines ten obstacles in a compact, composite structure that requires less than 1,200 square feet. 

Take a look at the 10 fun and exciting obstacles included with The Stadium

The Stadium is intended for children ages 5 to 12 and is designed to comply with ASTM standards for playground equipment. It's a perfect complement to traditional playground systems. It's also a great way to create multigenerational fitness spaces when installing it near outdoor fitness equipment for adults.

A recent study found children are more likely to develop long-term active lifestyles if they see their parents exercise regularly. By combining The Stadium with other GameTime outdoor fitness products, you can create a space that encourages healthy habits for a lifetime.

Pick Your Own Path

Most obstacle courses have a defined course with a designated start and finish. The Stadium allows children to enter and exit the course at any point. And each obstacle is designed with variable skill levels in mind.

GameTime Stadium Course Examples

As children gain more confidence and skill, they can take on more obstacles or use them differently. We provide recommended course pathways for children to try, but The Stadium is the only outdoor obstacle course that encourages free exploration and discovery. 

Keep it Cool

One of the most requested features for outdoor fitness equipment is shade. Shade structures help keep a play and fitness area cooler and more comfortable. GameTime created an integrated shade solution for The Stadium to encourage children to play more often and longer.

The integrated fabric shades attach to The Stadium uprights. There is no need for additional footings or supports for a shade structure. You can choose The Stadium or The Stadium with Integrated Shade.

Make The Stadium Part of Your Community

If you have been wishing for an outdoor obstacle course like Challenge Course but needed something to fit a smaller space, The Stadium is the perfect fit. It combines ten fun and exciting obstacles in a single compact design. And it allows children to choose their own path through the course as they develop strength and skills.

Contact the GameTime representative in your neighborhood today to learn how The Stadium can transform any park or playground into a ninja warrior experience.