October 04, 2017

Teaming Up for Play with the Indianapolis Colts

Teaming Up for Play

It takes a team to build a playground. For the past 10 years, the Indianapolis Colts players and their partners have come together to build a playground for the community. This year, the Colts partnered with GameTime and Sinclair Recreation, GameTime's exclusive representative in Indiana, to build an exciting new play space for Jonathan Jennings School 109 in Indianapolis. The new playground is designed using the principles found in PlayOn! and incorporates all six elements of essential physical activity. PlayOn! is a standards-based curriculum that aligns with national standards for physical activity. Increasing physical activity among children is an important part of the Colts' community outreach.


For the past decade, NFL Play 60 has been an important tool in ensuring that youth get the recommended amount of daily physical activity," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell according to Colts Round Up. "It’s important that young fans understand the benefits of exercise and have the resources to build a foundation for a lifetime of good health."

The new playground, in addition to a new track the team and partners also installed, will certainly keep kids active. The Xscape hybrid elements, like overhead ladders, and looping patterns from the slides to those climbers will keep kids' hearts pumping while they play. Inclusive elements, like ramps and the Merry Go All, provide play opportunities for kids of all abilities to play together.

“What we love about this project is that these playground builds are community assets forever," Terina Perry with Lucas Oil Products told Colts Round Up. "They don’t ever go anywhere – the community can enjoy it forever, for as long as it’s here."

That's certainly true of the PrimeTime, Xscape hybrid system the team put together. Thanks to the durable construction and sustainable materials, this playground should last for decades to come.