March 27, 2012

Inclusive Playground Continues a Community’s “No Limits” Legacy

For more than a hundred years, the hard-packed sands of Ormond Beach, Florida have been the testing and proving grounds for race enthusiasts from the United States and around the world and earned the city the title of “The Birthplace of Speed.” From the early automotive pioneers who set land speed records with their steam powered racers to the modern racing machines of the Daytona 500, this suburb of Daytona has a nolimits reputation that continues to spur growth and innovation. 

The Limitless Playground in the Ormond Beach Sports Complex is an example of how the community leveraged its heritage to create a better future for its children. Funded in part by a grant from the Daytona Beach Racing and Recreational Facilities Commission, the playground was designed to be an oasis of adventure for children of all ages and abilities.

GameTime incorporated feedback from local parents and special needs advocates, along with research from our Me2® 7 Principles of Inclusive Design™ and 2Play Together® programs to design a play environment that maximized accessibility. The poured in place surfacing provides a safe foundation for play and the bright colors offer developmental benefits for children with cognitive disabilities. We added shades and planted trees to offer refuge from the Florida sun and included slides, swings, musical play events, and climbers to provide a fun way for children to interact with one another in an inclusive environment. 

By working with key stakeholders and including play events designed to appeal to children of all ages and abilities, GameTime created a place where the only limit for children is their own imagination.


Kent Callison