June 26, 2017

Improve Quality of Life for College Students with Outdoor Fitness

Improve Campus (Quality of) Life

College students spend a lot of time inside. According to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American college student spends as much as 16 hours each day indoors. While some of this time spent indoors is inevitable (English Lit is not moving to the quad just because it's a sunny day), too much time indoors can have a negative impact on body and mind.

Kenneth Wright, director of the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at University of Colorado, Boulder, studies the effects of spending too little time outdoors. His research suggests electric lighting and an absence of natural light can throw off your internal rhythms, which in turn can negatively impact your mood and your overall health.


Campus Recreation Centers can help improve students' health and overall quality of life with outdoor fitness areas. Here are some of the benefits of taking fitness and workout spaces outdoors:

  • Fresh air raises serotonin levels - a brain chemical that regulates sleep cycles and improves mood
  • Natural sunlight reduces tension, lowers blood pressure and eases anxiety
  • Exercising outdoors has been linked to positive thoughts and improved overall mental health
  • People who exercise outdoors typically exercise for longer periods of time and are more likely to stick with an exercise program
  • Adding outdoor fitness areas frees up space in your indoor facilities, increasing overall capacity
  • Creating diverse fitness spaces appeals to a broad audience of students, maximizes effectiveness of your campus recreation efforts

To learn how outdoor fitness areas can help improve quality of life for students on your campus, request our Outdoor Fitness Guide, or contact a GameTime representative near your college or university.