September 03, 2021

How Much Does Outdoor Fitness Equipment Cost?

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Adult outdoor fitness spaces are a relatively new yet popular amenity in the world of fitness. The trend emerged in 2012 in parks worldwide. Today, they are an essential element of many park plans.

Considering the concept of an outdoor gym is new to many, some parks departments and city planners struggle with where to start with planning such a space. This article looks into what to consider when planning an outdoor gym and answers a frequent question - how much does outdoor fitness equipment cost?

Why Outdoor Fitness?

There are many benefits to outdoor fitness compared to an indoor gym. People who exercise outdoors tend to enjoy their workout more and are more likely to work out longer and more often as a result. 

Friends and family can exercise and socialize with outdoor fitness parks

Not only is the experience more enjoyable, but outdoor gyms provide a great social outlet for adults as well. Many adults today work a remote 9-5 where social opportunities are few and far between. Evidence suggests remote work leads to increased feelings of stress, burnout, and isolation.

Socialization is more important now than ever before. 

Consider the Five Elements

The first step to planning an outdoor gym is to consider the five elements of a well-rounded workout. The five elements are aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, flexibility, and stretching.

These five elements provide fitness for daily, functional activities, such as walking upstairs, carrying heavy groceries, or running around with your children in the backyard. Outdoor gyms are not only about toning up. Outdoor workout spaces also allow those in the community access to the equipment necessary to maintain good overall health. 

Outdoor fitness equipment helps adults maintain functional fitness and overall wellness

It’s also important to consider where adults will relax at the outdoor gym. Installing benches and freestanding shade provides a gathering and resting place before, during, and after a workout.

The Lay of the Land

The next step is choosing the best equipment that suits the designated space. For example, GameTime’s GTfit line is an excellent fit for parks or trails, and THRIVE outdoor gyms are ideal for more compact spaces.

Understanding the land also means conceptualizing surfacing. The new ASTM standards for outdoor fitness equipment require safety surfacing for most types of outdoor fitness products. You may need to prepare the site before installing safety surfacing. 

Outdoor Workout Equipment That Fits Like a Glove 

Another important consideration for the early planning stages of an adult outdoor fitness gym is to determine who will use the equipment. The following list contains some important questions to ask:

  • Is the target demographic younger or older adults? 
  • Is the equipment accessible to those with disabilities?
  • What are the health needs of my community?

Outdoor workout equipment and fitness programming is ideal for attracting older adults to parks

Many older adults don’t visit parks because they don’t think there are age-appropriate amenities or programs for them. People in this age group benefit from outdoor fitness spaces. Most injuries among older adults result from falls–falls that can be prevented through regular exercise to improve balance and coordination. 

Budgeting for Outdoor Fitness Equipment

After completing proper planning measures, the big question can finally be answered - how much does outdoor fitness equipment cost? The cost of outdoor gyms can range from $10,000 to $35,000 depending on the type and number of products. 

It is also important that your budget includes money for surfacing, installation, and freight. When you work with a GameTime outdoor fitness expert, you’ll receive a complete site plan, equipment list, and budget for the finished project.

Dedicated to Community Health and Wellness

Many considerations go into planning and installing an outdoor gym. You should include equipment that provides the five essential elements of a well-rounded workout. You will also need to consider the needs of the users who will visit your park.  

That’s when you can start selecting fitness products to fill the space. The price of adult outdoor fitness equipment is a modest investment compared to the significant benefits it provides. 

If you’re ready to start planning an adult outdoor fitness gym, contact the GameTime outdoor fitness expert in your area today.