July 14, 2020

How Can I Find Funding for a New Playground?

Funding a new playground for a park, school, church, or other youth organization can be challenging. Many people ask us," how can I find funding for a new playground?" It may seem like an insurmountable problem. But if you know where to look, it can be easy to find funding for your new playground project. 

Each year more than $3 billion of funding is available for playground projects. In this article, we will look at three ways to find the playground funding you need.

Hold a Playground Fundraiser

Playground funding comes from creating relationships with people! By taking a strategic approach to who and how you ask, you're more likely to reach your funding goals. Follow these steps to be prepared to inform and inspire concerning your cause.      

1. Create your list. Start by creating a list of potential funders and prioritize your list by starting with the most significant potential and working down. Make sure to include your own networks and consider joining other groups like the area Chamber of Commerce to meet people. Here is a list of questions that will help you create your list:

2. Tell your story. How do you craft a compelling story to create buy-in for your cause? Create a story that is meaningful, easy to hear and understand, and simple to act upon.                   

3. Ask. There must be an ask. For many people, asking for money feels uncomfortable, and even taboo. But it's an essential step to ensure the playground is built. Use tactics like letter writing, crowdfunding resources, email blasts, websites, social media, and corporate sponsorships.

Apply for Playground Grants

A grant is a sum of "free" money given by the government, foundations, or corporations, to groups (typically nonprofits) that go through a rigorous application process against other applicants. In the United States there is a great funding website with tools and tips to help you find and apply for specific types of grants - like playground grants.

GameTime publishes an annual playground funding guide with a list of local, regional, and national foundations and organizations that fund playgrounds. Another resource is the Foundation Center. The Foundation Center website provides information about philanthropy and a comprehensive database on national grantmakers. You can search for organizations that focus on children's play and playgrounds.

Through October 30, 2020, GameTime is offering up to 100% matching funds in playground grants. You can submit a playground grant application for a GameTime Cares playground grant online and receive a decision in a few days. 

Consider Financing or Leasing Playground Equipment

Sometimes a playground grant doesn't cover the full cost of your project. You may need to look for outside financing assistance. Many playground financing companies offer attractive rates and offers like 0% financing for playgrounds. GameTime partners with Navitas. Navitas specializes in financing park and playground projects. You can apply for financing and receive a decision right away.

Reach Out for Help to Find Funding for Your Playground

Finding the funding you need isn't always easy, but there is a lot of help available. From grant-writing websites to philanthropic organizations specializing in funding playground projects, lots of people want to help you succeed in your efforts.

GameTime's playground experts want to help, too. Contact the GameTime playground funding expert in your neighborhood. Together, we can develop a funding plan that works for you and your community.