January 08, 2018

GameTime Releases 2018 Playground Design Guide, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, and Custom Lookbook

Three Kinds of Awesome

GameTime is excited to announce the release of not just one -- not just two -- but THREE new catalogs. We have so many awesome things to show you this year, so request copies of our 2018 Playground Design Guide, our 2018 Outdoor Fitness Guide, and our stunning PlayWorx Custom Playground Lookbook right now. Don't wait; we love you so much that they're free!

2018 Playground Catalog

Over 200 pages of inspiring playground projects, innovative products, and ideas to help children, families and communities stay active together.

2018 PlayWorx Lookbook

Inspire your imagination with our latest collection of innovative custom and themed recreation spaces from across North America.

2018 Outdoor Fitness Catalog

Create opportunities for teens, adults and entire communities to achieve better health and wellness with outdoor fitness solutions.

This year’s Playground Design Guide gives you  preview of all the amazing new products we're releasing this year -- like the Rox All See Saw, GT Giant Swing (coming soon!) and a new wide selection of playground panels that are sure to elevete your community's play experience from "fun" to "titillating and amazing" (I think that's the scientific term for how cool these new panels are).

And because we are dedicated to making sure everyone can play together, forever, we're also releasing a variety of new inclusive play products -- like the Inclusive Whirl and the Expression Swing Universal. GameTime is passionate about designing and manufacturing products for all ages and abilities to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to enrich their lives through play. 

The 2018 PlayWorx Lookbook is a custom playground planning paradise and will help communities design special playgrounds that showcase heritage and imagination. This gorgeous catalog shows some of the amazing custom designs including animals, waves, pirate ships, dinosaurs playground equipment and much more.

We also take Outdoor Fitness to new levels with our new line called THRIVE. Your community was MEANT to THRIVE, so that's why we created this new line of outdoor fitness equipment. These new Thrive systems accommodate multiple users at once, reducing wait times and providing a wide range of training options at every station. Thrive makes it fun and easy for people of all fitness levels to spend more time outdoors training for sports, races or everyday life.

So what are you waiting for? Request your copies now!