January 19, 2017

GameTime Introduces TriRunner - a Social, Sensory Spinning Experience

Sensory, Social Spinning Play

GameTime is excited to introduce TriRunner® and ShadowPlay® TriRunner®. Based on the success of our patented SkyRunner freestanding playground activities, TriRunner allows children and adults to enjoy the sensation of flight on the playground in a whole new way. 

"People have loved our SkyRunner activity for years," said Sam Smith, Product Manager for GameTime. "It's one of our most popular playground activities. It encourages social interaction, provides a proprioceptive sensory experience, and it's a great way upper-body trainer."

SkyRunner, however, can be challenging for children and adults with special needs or diminished upper body strength. That's what makes TriRunner such an exciting addition to the GameTime product line.

"With TriRunner, users can enjoy the same benefits and experience of the SkyRunner, but with some additional support," said Kent Callison, Director of Marketing Communications and Inclusive Play Advocate for GameTime. "The seats and ropes make it easier for people to enjoy the social and sensory benefits of spinning play...and it's a whole lot of fun."

The patent-pending design features three soft touch molded seats attached to the same ComfortGrip™ ropes found on our SkyRun® ZipTrack and ZipLine. They’re suspended from 3D or ShadowPlay panels. As users spin around, the panels disperse shadows on the ground below. It’s a fun, exciting and sensory play experience unlike any other!