June 05, 2020

GameTime Introduces New Playground Hand Sanitizer Stations

NEW! Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stations for Parks and Playgrounds

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, when soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer is a great way to get rid of germs on-the-go. But not everyone remembers to carry hand sanitizer with them, particularly when they go to a park or playground. That's why GameTime developed a new product to help managers of parks and other outdoor recreation areas.

Making Hand Sanitizer Available to Everyone

As parks are beginning to re-open, it’s important that we help outdoor spaces provide essential services to visitors. That’s why we introduced our new hand sanitizer stations. There are several models to choose from and they start as low as $199.

Our durable steel and aluminum enclosures feature a locking mechanism to help prevent vandalism and tampering. They accommodate pump style, lever style, and automatic dispenser style hand sanitizer bottles. Each version is available with an optional litter receptacle and can be mounted on the included post, or wall-mounted. NOTE: These playground hand sanitizer stations do not include hand sanitizer liquid or dispensing mechanisms.

The new Hand Sanitizer Stations from GameTime (L-R: Lever and Touchless with optional litter bin, Lever and Touchless wall-mount, Lever and Touchless standard post-mount, Pump wall-mount, Pump post-mount, Pump with optional litter bin)


Choose the Right Model for Your Outdoor Space

GameTime’s pump-style hand sanitizer station features our durable 20-gauge aluminum locking case with an adjustable inner shelf to accommodate pump-style bottles of hand sanitizer - up to 28oz. The lever and touchless models are constructed of hearty 14-gauge steel and accommodate liquid containers up to 1250ml. Every model includes an instruction label on the front with directions in English and Spanish.

Features and Benefits

  • Affordable and durable enclosure for hand sanitizer bottles
  • Adjustable inner shelf for pump style
  • Accommodates sanitizer containers of up to 28oz or 1250ml
  • Also available with optional waste bin
  • Standard model ships in metallic, available in all of our powder coat finishes

GameTime's Hand Sanitizer Stations are perfect for park entrances, playgrounds, restrooms, and other "high-touch" areas.


Help Families Enjoy the Outdoors with Hand Sanitizer

With the release of new guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) specific to public playgrounds, it is important to take steps to help people follow CDC guidelines. CDC specifically recommends visitors to parks and playgrounds use soap and water or hand sanitizer during their time at a playground or in a public park. 

Click to learn more about our new playground Hand Sanitizer Stations, or contact the GameTime representative in your neighborhood for more information.