August 11, 2020

GameTime Helping California Communities Plan Prop 68 Projects

Plan Your Prop 68 Project

California’s Prop 68 provides millions of dollars in funding for new park and recreation projects. From playgrounds to dog parks, and every kind of project in between, communities are making plans to bring new and innovative recreation places to children and families. 

How communities are planning to use Prop 68 funds

Local Playground and Park Experts

GameTime lives, works and plays in California. Our exclusive representatives, MRC Recreation and Great Western Recreation work with communities throughout the state to to plan, design, and maintain parks and recreation spaces that encourage multi-generational play for people of all abilities.

With the availability of Prop 68 funds, it’s more important than ever to make sure communities raise awareness for outdoor recreation, recognize your dedication to community wellness, and provide outcomes data on how your Prop 68-funded project is improving quality of life for everyone. 

Resources to Help You Plan Your Project

To help communities plan a Prop 68-funded project, maximize available funds, and expedite the installation process, GameTime, MRC, and Great Western put together a Prop 68 Planning Guide. Click to request your copy to find ideas and inspiration for your new project.