November 20, 2019

GameTime Grant Funding Brings New Playground to California Community

Funding New Community Play

GameTime and California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS) recently completed a statewide initiative to help fund play and recreation spaces across California. One of the communities who took advantage of the funding opportunity was Victorville. The Community Services Department applied for a matching funds grant through the CPRS Statewide Healthy Play Initiative and was awarded funds from GameTime to replace an aging playground at Doris Davies Park.  

Rendering of the new playground coming to Doris Davies Park in Victoriville, CA


Under the proposed playground design, 50 percent of the cost of the base playset will be covered by the grant. The remaining balance of the base playset, the cost of any unattached features, installation, tax and freight will be covered by a matching donation from the nonprofit public benefit corporation B.E.A.R.S. (Benefit Everyone, Assist Recreation & Sports).

The playground design is based on best practices aimed to promote physical fitness and fun through the use of outdoor play environments and creative playground learning activities. It incorporates multiple play activities that serve as inclusive features with developmental benefits, such as adaptable and multi-user swings, seated spinning elements, and sensory areas. 

The new playground will be designated as a National Demonstration Site upon completion and wil be part of a nationwide effort to gather data on play and recreation usage. The data will contribute to a report on the community's vitality index and the positive impact created by the new playground.