May 04, 2020

GameTime Gives Outdoor Learning Kits to Show Appreciation for All Teachers

We Appreciate You!

We admire teachers. They nurture and educate students year after year and help direct their development into healthy, well-adjusted adults. They also advocate for outdoor physical activity to make sure students are physically strong. Many teachers have embraced outdoor learning initiatives to combine the benefits of being outdoors with standards-based education. As part of our GameTime Cares™ initiative, and to show our appreciation for everything teachers do, we are offering a free Outdoor Creative Play and Learning Kit to the first 300 people who request them. And now that nearly every parent has become a teacher, too, moms and dads are eligible to receive a kit, as well.

The Outdoor Creative Play and Learning Kit is filled with activity cards that make outdoor learning fun and active. There are activities for grades Prek-5 and a step-by-step guide on how to use the kit effectively. 

Click here to be one of the first 300 to receive one of these kits (a $200 value) free of charge. Only one kit is available per school or household, and we can only ship to addresses in the continental United States. Kits will arrive in 2-3 weeks.