April 29, 2016

GameTime Fitness Park Opens in Denver, Colorado

Zuni Park is part of the Trust for Public Land’s Nationwide Fitness Zone Initiative

Zuni Park in Denver, Colo., recently opened a new outdoor exercise equipment zone.

GameTime, a leading manufacturer of commercial playground equipment, outdoor exercise equipment and custom play structures, recently opened a new fitness park in Denver’s Zuni Park. The site is one of many Fitness Zones® created across the country by The Trust for Public Land (TPL) and features durable, low maintenance GTfit Advanced Series outdoor gym equipment that are designed to help adults of all ages and abilities become more fit.

The Chin Up outdoor gym equipment helps increase muscular health.

Zuni Park is a beautiful green space in the Denver neighborhood of Chafee Park. The park features sports fields, a playground and a picnic area, but few amenities to attract adults to the park on a regular basis. The Chaffee Park neighborhood is a diverse, mixed-income community, and its residents are at elevated risk of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. TPL selected the park as one of their Fitness Zone projects and installed Chin-Up and Push-Up bars, accessible versions of the Chest Press machine and Lat Pull Down machine and other outdoor gym equipment manufactured by GameTime. The new site is designed to help increase park usage and help Chafee Park residents improve their health and wellness.

Header Photo Credit: Denver Parks and Recreation Department

Chafee Park resident, Nola Miguel, was excited about the opening of the new outdoor exercise equipment, and particularly happy about its location near the play structures. “The proximity to the playground is nice, so my son can transition to the Fitness Zone as he gets older. The location is great because I can watch my kids while I work out. It promotes health for my whole family.”

A boy enjoys the outdoor gym equipment, which is located near play structures.

Recruiting students from the School of Physical Therapy at Regis University, TPL developed workout programs and reached out to neighborhood residents to welcome them to the new facility. This project was part of a cooperative effort called Cultivate Health, a program lead by Regis University and nonprofit partners like The Trust for Public Land.

In a statement released by Regis University, Linnea Bjorkman, Healthy Living Coordinator for Cultivate Health, stated, “It’s a really amazing park. The residents have been looking for ways to activate that park more. It’s a huge priority and we listened to what the residents want. We want to do what’s most beneficial to them and their goals for improving their health.”

To help users maximize the benefits of the new outdoor exercise equipment, the Cultivate Health website offers tailored workout routines to fit residents’ age and abilities.

Photo Credit: Denver Parks and Recreation Department

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Kent Callison Director of Marketing Communications, GameTime