September 18, 2016

GameTime Fitness Offers Prescription for Injury and Illness Prevention

A Center for Disease Control study shows nearly 1/3 of American adults over the age of 50 don't engage in regular physical activity. The study found adults in this age group who didn't exercise or particiate in physical movement outside of regular daily life, experienced a reduced quality of life and were at greater risk of falls, injury and chronic illness.

Designing for Success

The CDC recommends designing parks with amenities that make it easy for older adults to stay active. They also suggest building parks and facilities in close proximity to offices and residential area so adults are more likely to visit them, and providing programming and educational resources to help adults maintain a consistent fitness routine.

Programming and Education

Communities like Hillsborough County, Florida have combined GTfit fitness products from GameTime with programming and fitness classes to help older adults stay active. The program has been so successful groups now meet three mornings a week to socialize and exercise at the fitness park outside the recreation center.

Being Proactive

In Fort Payne, Alabama, the city added GTfit fitness products along a community walking trail to attract more users to the park, and to help adults stay more active and fit.(View the photo gallery) Their proactive approach was designed to address the growing trend of inactivty among adults before it became a more serious issue in their own community.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Glenrose Rehabilation Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta recently installed GTfit products from GameTime as part of their physical therapy program. The Active Aging products from GameTime are specially designed to provide additional support for older adults and people who need extra help when starting an exercise program - perfect for a hospital setting. When patients leave the hospital, they receive a complete fitness plan to help them engage in regular physical activity each day.