October 16, 2018

GameTime Brings Multigenerational Play to Multicultural Glendale, California

Multigenerational Play for a Multicultural City

Glendale is a multicultural city of 200,000 people, including Armenian, Mexican-American, Korean, Filipino and Persian families. There are 50 parks within the city limits, and that's important because 30% of area households include children under the age of 18.

We visited Carr Park during our Parks Make Life Better Tour with California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS). The three-acre park features a wealth of beautiful trees and other natural plantings which make it a welcome respite from the steel and concrete of the nearby city. Glendale recreation professionals leveraged the education they received during the CPRS Statewide Healthy Play Initiative to design a playground that promoted more physical activity for children while preserving the natural landscape to make the space more inviting and beneficial to everyone. Learn more at www.gametime.com/cprs-tour-2018-glendale or watch the video below.