May 12, 2016

GameTime Brings Inclusive Play to Murrieta, California

Children of all abilities can enjoy playing together at Vintage Reserve Park, thanks to a new inclusive playground designed by GameTime. Murrieta Parks and Recreation decided to tear down the 18-year-old playground that was no longer compliant with accessibility guidelines, and build a playground that addressed the needs of all people. This inclusive play space features Expression Swing™, Rock ‘N Raft, and accessible, ground level panels and activities for children of all ages and abilities.

The parks and recreation department worked with GameTime to include many elements of an inclusive playground:

  • Double-wide ramps for greater accessibility throughout the play structure
  • Motion activities that accommodate mobility devices
  • Musical elements for auditory stimulation and creative play
  • Small seats located under the slide for resting and socialization
  • A stainless steel slide, a great addition for children with cochlear implants that are sometimes affected by static build-up
  • Oodles of swing options, including the industry-first Expression Swing and accessible swing seats that use seat belts like those found on roller coasters

*Photo courtesy of The Press Enterprise.

Vintage Reserve Park incorporated these elements so well that GameTime’s parent company, PlayCore, awarded the playground with a National Demonstration Site certification for inclusive design. All National Demonstration Sites become part of a national registry.

Murrieta residents attending the grand opening on April 28 expressed enthusiasm over the new playground. One mother was especially excited about Expression Swing.

“This is so amazing,” Amy Cabrera told The Press Enterprise as she smiled at her toddler while swinging together. “I love it.”

The playground also provides a special respite for students at nearby Murrieta Valley High School. Teachers at that school plan to use the new playground for therapeutic purposes and to provide outdoor activities for their students.

*Photo courtesy of The Press Enterprise.

“We’re going to be coming here a lot on field trips,” said Angel Selvaggio, an aide from Murrieta Valley High to The Press Enterprise. “When the kids come to high school, they’re like, ‘Where’s the playgrounds?’ This is their recess.”

The new inclusive playground at Vintage Reserve Park is located at 26620 Kingwood Road in Murrieta, California.

Want to learn more about building an inclusive playground? GameTime’s parent company, PlayCore, has been working with top researchers for decades. Check out the Me2 design program and 2Play Together curriculum so your new playground will accommodate play – for all. Interested in becoming a National Demonstration site? Read more about the requirements here.