March 12, 2017

GameTime Announces School Playground Funding Program

Program Provides up to $25,000 in Playground Funding

GameTime recently announced a new funding program designed to help schools and parent-teacher organizations raise funds for school playground projects. Schools can apply for up to $25,000 in funds toward the purchase of an eligible play system, including systems designed to align with the PlayOn! Activity Guide. PlayOn! is a standards-based curriculum developed by SHAPE America and PlayCore that includes 125 fun activities to extend your PE class onto the playground and keep students more active during play.

"We've worked with schools and PTOs for decades, and many of them experience a similar problem - raising funds for a new playground," said Kent Callison, Director of Marketing Communications for GameTime. "In our conversations with teachers and PTO committees, we learned they needed some help, either a kickstart or a nudge over the finish line in their fundraising. That's what this program is designed to do."

Playground funds are awarded based on the list price of the play system:

Systems priced betweenare eligible for playground funds of
$15,000 - $25,000$5,000
$30,000 - $40,000$10,000
$45,000 - $55,000$15,000
$60,000 - $65,000$20,000
$70,000 - $75,000$25,000

GameTime selected 25 PrimeTime play systems for the program. The systems are designed to provide a wide range of play activities and varying levels of challenge and skill development in the allotted space and budget range. PrimeTime play systems utilize DirectBolt connections which make them fast and easy to install fully compliant from the factory, perfect for community builds. They are also designed to be more compact than systems found in larger settings like public parks. That means they require less surfacing materials, lowering the total installation cost and making them more budget-friendly for schools.