April 16, 2019

GameTime Announces Challenge Course Updates

Your Course, Your Way

GameTime, a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial playground equipment, outdoor fitness products and custom play spaces, recently announced an update to its popular Challenge Course line that allows customer to design their own course. The new modular approach gives users the flexibility to select from 13 fun and challenging obstacles to create a course that is just right for any space or budget.




The original Challenge Course changed the way communities viewed health and wellness.


Challenge Course was introduced in 2015 and has since become the most popular obstacle course product in North America. There are two series of products: Youth and Pro. The Youth Series is designed to be compliant with ASTM standards for childhood playground equipment and is suitable for users ages 5 to 12. The Pro Series is compliant with ASTM standards for outdoor fitness equipment and is appropriate for users ages 13 and up. Pro Series courses are eligible for National Demonstration Site designation. Both series feature obstacles that enhance users' speed, agility, strength, and balance, and both are available with precision timing systems and/or a timed 40-yard dash.


Challenge Course Typologies
With the new modular design option, users can create a course for any space


The appeal of Challenge Course is evident in the dozens of courses that have been installed across the United States and Canada. Schools, public parks and NFL teams have embraced the ninja-warrior style concept because it encourages entire families to be more active together. "Over the past four years we've seen communities across North America create fun, exciting fitness spaces everyone can enjoy," said Jon Walker, product manager for GameTime. "These are community destinations that appeal to every generation and people of every fitness level."

For customers who don't want to design their own course, GameTime offers preconfigured courses in both Youth and Pro Series. There are six courses in all and require between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet for installation. "We tried to create courses that work well for any community," said Walker. "But there's often an instance where someone needs a course that's a little smaller or uses different obstacles. That's where the modular design option is a real benefit. Now you can create your course, your way."

Learn more about Challenge Course or contact a GameTime representative in your neighborhood to start designing the course of your dreams!