October 22, 2019

GameTime and NCRPA Bring Play to Maysville, NC

Maysville is Playsville!

Thanks to a funding from GameTime and the North Carolina Recreation and Parks Association (NCRPA), families in Maysville, NC have a new and active place to play! The new playground in Frost Park was designed by Cunningham Recreation, with input from community leaders, parents and children, and was funded in part by a statewide education and funding program in North Carolina. 



The new playground features climbers and other activities to keep children active. It provides all six essential elements of play and is recognized as a National Demonstration Site for youth physical activity by PlayCore. Town Manager Schumata Brown is happy to see children being active. "Hopefully it will change the culture of kids sitting inside and playing video games, and they have somewhere nice to play," said Brown. 

Frost Park is one of many sites across the state with new playgrounds being added through the GameTime and NCRPA initiative.