March 08, 2021

GameTime Adds Nature-Themed Playground to Seattle-Area Park

More than ever, it's essential for children to spend time outdoors, exploring nature and being active. Recently, GameTime and Great Western Recreation, GameTime's exclusive representative in Washington, completed a nature-themed playground to help families do just that. The playground is located at Heron Park in Mill Creek, Washington, near Seattle.

Let's take a look at the new GameTime playground equipment that's part of Heron Park. 

Tucked Away in a Neighborhood Park

GameTime playground tucked inside a neighborhood park in Mill Creek, Washington

Heron Park in Mill Creek, WA, is the site of a new nature-themed play area designed by GameTime and Great Western Recreation. Photo credit: Natasha Dillinger


Small parks, often called pocket parks, are popular in residential neighborhoods. Heron Park is larger than a typical pocket park, but it's a secluded spot with grassy play areas, nature trails, a picnic shelter, and a new GameTime playground. There is a paved walking path that winds around an acre or so of beautiful forest.  

Nature-Themed Play Structures

The playground at Heron Park includes two play structures. One is designed for children ages 5 to 12 and the other for ages 2 to 5. It's a perfect combination of equipment to address the different play styles and developmental needs of preschool and school-age children. 

GameTIme PowerScape Nature-Themed Play System

PowerScape Timbers play system uses recycled plastic lumber for a naturally-rustic look. Photo credit: Natasha Dillinger


The larger play structure features PowerScape Timbers recycled plastic lumber roofs and panels to give it the look of a forest cabin or clubhouse. Some climbers look like tall trees and river rocks. There are plenty of fun, interactive activities and slides that twist and turn as you make your way back to the ground.

Natasha Dillinger visited the new playground with her children. She wrote about the experience on her Parent Map blog. She said, "Often my son sticks to the smaller play structures we encounter, those geared toward the 2–5 age group, but here the big climbers shaped like tree stumps and wide green leaves drew him in. The tallest slide has two ramps with footholds leading up to it, and I nervously watched from the ground as he puzzled his way up. Only one of us was nervous (hint: it was me) as he triumphantly glided down the corkscrew slide and announced, 'Me do it again!'"

GameTime Merry Go All

The Merry-Go-All at Heron Park is perfect for children of all abilities to play together. Photo credit: Natasha Dillinger


Adjacent to the play structure is the Merry-Go-All, an inclusive whirl for children of all abilities. The design makes it easy for a child to transfer to and from a mobility device, and there is seating for four children. 

A New Way for Preschool Play

Next to the large play structure is a play system specifically designed for the way younger children play. Echo play systems provide whimsical and playful experiences for children ages 6 to 23 months or 2 to 5 years. They take up very little space, but they are packed with interactive games, slides, climbers, seats, musical instruments, and more.

ECHO preschool play system by GameTime

Echo preschool play system is just the right size for big imaginations! Photo credit: Natasha Dillinger


The preschool play system at Heron Park uses the same natural-looking color palette as the larger play system and perfectly complements the surroundings. There is plenty of fun, interactive games and puzzles like musical instruments and spinners, climbers, and slides. 

Create Nature-Inspired Play For All Ages

If your community wants to create fun, interactive play spaces that blend with the natural environment, we can help! Contact the GameTime play expert in your area. Together, we can plan the perfect place for families to play.