May 07, 2019

Free Guidebook for Designing Inclusive Playgrounds

Play is an Equal Right

Inclusive playgrounds make a fundamental statement about how communities value meaningful play experiences for people of all ages and abilities.  We believe in creating play environments where everybody can play, focusing on both the physical and social aspects of inclusion and the development of the whole child. Me2®: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design is a comprehensive design guide for creating truly inclusive play spaces. It was created by researchers, architects and play experts at Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities in partnership with PlayCore, and it's the basis for our commitment to evidence-based inclusive design.

Within Me2 are important details, data and research on the need for creating inclusive play environments, the benefits they bring to people of all ages and abilities and design elements to consider when planning a playground or fitness space for all. Based on the principles embraced by architects the world over for accessibility in public spaces, Me2 adapts those principles for outdoor recreation spaces. It goes beyond the requirements of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and outlines how to provide true inclusion. The result is spaces that are equitable, flexible, intuitive, accessible, compliant, active and comfortable. 

Request more information on this important resource or download a free summary. To bring inclusive play to your community, contact the GameTime representative in your neighborhood.