July 02, 2022

Four Benefits of Playground Shade Structures

Summertime is the perfect time for parks and playgrounds. The days are longer, families have more free time, and the warmer temperatures make outdoor play more fun. But excessive temperatures can make play time less comfortable.  

One of the ways you can keep play and recreation areas cooler and more comfortable is with playground shade structures. Read on and learn four ways freestanding and integrated shade systems can help everyone enjoy summer play. 

What are Shade Structures?

Playground shade structures are coverings that are installed or positioned near play and recreation areas to provide relief from the sun. GameTime shade structures block up to 97% of the sun’s UV rays and cool an area by as much as 25° F.   

Shade structures from GameTime can be installed almost anywhere, including playground equipment, picnic tables and benches, or outdoor fitness areas. 

Shade structures are available in different sizes, styles, and colors to fit your needs. 

Do I Need Park or Playground Shade Structures?

Nearly every community sees a rise in temperatures during the summer months. Some geographic locations encounter high temperatures and sunny conditions year-round. Shade structures for your park, playground, or other public space are an essential amenity to ensure users have a comfortable experience. 

A recent study on playgrounds revealed more than 60% of outdoor recreation spaces are fully exposed to direct sunlight. One health authority reports an estimated 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to UV rays from the sun. With playground shade systems, you can provide protection from UV radiation for children and families.  

Four Benefits of Playground Shade Structures

1. Keep Equipment Cool

Modern playground shade structures from GameTime are proven to keep playground equipment cooler. Temperatures of equipment surfaces can be up to 25° cooler when under a GameTime fabric shade.  

Keeping playground equipment cool will make the play experience more comfortable and encourage people to play longer. 

2. Reduce Exposure to UV Rays

Even on cooler and cloudy days, the sun’s rays can still cause damage. Prolonged sun exposure can raise the risk for skin cancer, especially in young children. GameTime shade systems block up to 97% of harmful UV rays.  

3. Create Restful Spaces 

Shaded areas give park and playground visitors a place to rest and relax comfortably. When you add shaded benches or tables to an outdoor recreation area, you create a welcoming environment for everyone. 

4. Provide Protection from the Elements

Aside from the benefit of cooling things down, shade structures offer protection from other elements, too. Consider the types and sizes of shade and shelters you’ll need to give people a place to get out of rainy, windy, or excessively sunny conditions.

Keep Your Cool

Adding playground shade or park shelters can help reduce the temperature of your recreation area. GameTime shade structures block up to 97% of harmful UV rays and protect your equipment and park visitors from the sun. If you’re ready to explore shade and shelter options for your community spaces, contact the GameTime expert in your community.