December 05, 2021

Fairy Tale Play in a Magical Fort Wayne Garden

The temperatures in Fort Wayne, Indiana turn cold in wintertime - much too cold for children to spend extended periods of time outdoors at play. This is a concern for parents who want to make sure their children have enough physical activity. It's a concern for the staff of the Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory, as well.

In 2018, they had a plan to bring more visitors to their botanical gardens and encourage more physical activity for children - they built an outdoor playground inside one of their exhibit areas. If you've considered creating an indoor playground for children and families, read on to see a perfect example of how to do it.



Working with Sinclair Recreation, GameTime's exclusive representative for Indiana, supervisor of programming Rebecca Canales envisioned a nature-themed play space that blended beautifully with the natural plantings and flowers within the Showcase Garden. To coincide with their Fairy Tale theme, Sinclair Recreation designed a play system that looked like a forest castle with peaked roofs, rope bridges, and a giant frog fit for a princess' fairy tale.



Excited to Enter the Fairy Tale Playground

On the day of the exhibit opening, the temperatures were well below freezing, and families lined up to see the new play area. The play system stretched toward the glass ceiling and included slides, climbers, and play activities for children to enjoy. The staff even provided a carton of costumes for visitors to wear to help imaginations go wild.

The exhibit resided in the Showcase Garden through the winter before it made its way to a permanent home at nearby Johnny Appleseed Park. Now under the care of the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation System, it will be part of the community for decades to come. 

Make Play Possible All Year Round

Innovative partnerships like the one between Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and the Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory make it possible for children and families to enjoy play no matter the season. Whether you are interested in a temporary or permanent indoor play solution, GameTime can help! Contact one of our play experts today to explore your options.