February 22, 2016

Expression Swing Goes Global

When Andrew Hancock first saw the Expression Swing online, he knew he had to get one installed near his town in East Devon Council, located in southwest England.

His daughter, Seraphina, loves to swing, and the swing allows him to swing along with her.

“It’s brilliantly designed as it allows you to swing with your child, while looking at them, which makes it fun for both of you,” Hancock told the East Devon District Council website. “It means you can smile at your child, chat with them and swing all at the same time. It’s also jolly good exercise for the parent!”

Hancock is a Service Lead for East Devon District Council’s Streetscene Service and worked with council engineers to purchase and import five Expression Swings. The Council is looking for suggestions where to put the remaining two swings that haven’t been installed yet.

Expression Swing is a GameTime exclusive and the industry’s first playground swing that promotes intergenerational play as adults and children swing together.

The patented face-to-face design features a bucket seat for children under five and a comfortable adult swing seat that allows a parent and child (or a grandparent and grandchild) to interact with each other and to experience one another’s facial expressions while at play.