May 06, 2019

Challenge Course in Ohio Park Named National Demonstration Site for Outdoor Fitness

Challenge Accepted!

Since 2015, GameTime has invited communities throughout North America to "Accept the Challenge" for better community health with Challenge Courses. The latest city to install a GameTime Challenge Course to enhance family wellness is Celina, Ohio at Eastview Park.

Members of the community watch children and adults compete on the new Challenge Course at Eastview Park


The city of Celina wanted an outdoor recreation space for older children, teens, and adults to engage in physical activity. Joe Wolfe, Celina Parks, and Recreation Director worked with DWA Recreation, GameTime's exclusive representative in Ohio, to create something special for entire families to be active together. Wolfe and Mayor Jeff Hazel decided on a Challenge Course to help Celina families meet, compete and repeat. 

The 40-Yard Dash at the Eastview Park Challenge Course is popular among all ages!


The timed obstacle course allows users to compete with one another in a fun and exciting way. Professional timing systems record the time of each participant. There is also a timed 40-yard dash for families to run with one another and see their times displayed on a scoreboard. The timing systems are a big part of the installation. "The timing is a huge hit," said Wolfe. "Everyone loves that part of it because they can take turns to see who can complete the obstacles the fastest."

Timing systems at Eastview Park Challenge Course display course and 40-yard dash times


The popularity of the course isn't limited to the community of Celina. People from surrounding cities discovered the course and visit Celina to participate on the course. "We wanted something that's going to bring families to our community," shares Wolfe. "Challenge Course is a big draw to the park."

The Challenge Course at Eastview Park is designated as a National Demonstration Site by PlayCore. The community was presented with a certificate of recognition, is part of a network of potential research sites, and will be promoted actively to other cities wishing to create recreation spaces using design and/or programming. Locate the park on GameTime's National Demonstration Site map.

To bring a Challenge Course to your community, contact the GameTime representative in your neighborhood.