April 09, 2019

Celebrating Community Wellness with Challenge Course

Family Fun, Family Health

As part of a community effort to improve family health and wellness, Mecklenburg Parks and Recreation, Lowes and the Carolina Panthers partnered to open a Challenge Course at Reedy Creek Park in Charlotte, North Carolina. Designed to encourage children and families to be more active outdoors together, Challenge Course is an obstacle course destination with elements of an NFL Combine workout and the popular Ninja Warrior races.

GameTime Challenge Course at Reedy Creek Park in Charlotte, North Carolina


The course at Reedy Park features 11 Challenge Course obstacles, precision timing, and a 40-yard dash. It is the 10th such course installed in North Carolina and one of the dozens installed across North America in cities like Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Minneapolis. 



Challenge Course is a community fitness destination that attracts families from all walks of life to enjoy fun, physical activity. Older children who have typically outgrown traditional playgrounds enjoy the competitive nature of the course and repeat their activity again and again as they try to improve their course time. Sports teams use the course for off-site training, adults compete with their children and entire families utilize the course as part of outdoor recreation and leisure. It's a unique amenity that appeals to every generation.


Friends compete in a 40-Yard Dash at the Reedy Creek Park Challenge Course

The GameTime Challenge Course at Reedy Creek Park was installed by Cunningham Recreation, GameTime's exclusive representative in North Carolina. The park is located at 2900 Rocky River Road in Charlotte adjacent to the 700-acre Reedy Creek Nature Preserve. Combined with the miles of hiking trails, sports fields, and play areas, Challenge Course is now an important part of Charlotte's outdoor recreation landscape.


Learn more about Challenge Course or contact a GameTime representative in your neighborhood.