September 17, 2012

Building the Vision of the Landscape Architect

Throughout the years GameTime has had the great fortune of working with many of the most talented landscape architects in the United States. While each has their own motivation, their own design aesthetic and sense of style, they have one thing in common: a desire to make their vision for a better community a reality. As a PlayCore company, we share that desire and watch with great anticipation as they mold the land and the natural surroundings into something completely new. When a landscape architect’s vision includes a new playscape, then we really get excited.

Playgrounds are relatively new inventions. While commercial playground equipment has been around for the last century, post and platform systems have only been available for 40 years or so. Modern, sculptured play systems manufactured from plastic, steel and glass fiber reinforced concrete are even newer inventions, but no matter the innovation or the incarnation of the mechanics, it is only an echo of the genetic code that calls us all to play.

When a landscape architect designs a new park, greenway or promenade, the transformation extends beyond the borders of the project. It transforms the entire community. When play is infused into the new landscape, the community is enhanced even further. Families spend more time together, children become more active, property values rise and crime diminishes. Play lifts the human spirit and lifts humanity to new heights.

As the 2012 American Society of Landscape Architects Conference draws near, we are excited to be a part of what this group of artists has accomplished. We look forward to seeing old friends in Phoenix and we are anxious to see their vision for the future. Together, we will build your vision for better communities and a better world.