April 01, 2014

A Texas Sized Commitment to Play

When visiting the City of Schertz, it’s easy to understand why it is ranked as the number one place to live in the state of Texas. The parks and greenways throughout the community are beautiful, thoughtfully-designed spaces for children and families to gather and play.

A decade ago, the community came together to build a massive, wooden play structure. Hundreds of volunteers worked for nearly a week to build a playground they thought would last a lifetime. New regulations regarding safety and accessibility, however, forced the community to replace the playground they worked so hard to make a reality.

GameTime worked closely with the City of Schertz to design a new playground that was a precise replica of the wooden play structure. We carefully incorporated elements of the previous design and honored the original volunteers and donors by preserving the monument that was erected a decade earlier. We also enhanced the space with trees and plantings to naturalize the playground, creating a more enjoyable and comfortable environment. By respecting the past, and designing for the future, GameTime constructed a playground in Schertz that is a new landmark for play.