Yancy Culp, GameTime Outdoor Fitness Ambassador

Founder of Yancy Camp

Yancy Culp is GameTime's outdoor fitness ambassador. He advises GameTime on the development of outdoor fitness equipment and assists with the introduction of new products. Yancy's expertise as a trainer is invaluable, and he joins GameTime at special events to showcase the benefits and unique features of GameTime outdoor fitness products like THRIVE, GTFit, and The Stadium. 

Yancy Culp GameTime Outdoor Fitness Ambassador

Yancy Culp (center) is GameTime's Outdoor Fitness Ambassador


Yancy Culp - Background and Qualification

Yancy is the owner/founder of yancycamp.com where he coaches athletes of all fitness levels. His focus is primarily on professional obstacle course racing athletes. He has hundreds of clients from all over the world that partner with him through his online platform. Yancy Culp is the program director for Spartan DEKA and the co-host for the Spartan Up podcast. 

Still a Spartan

At age 50, Yancy still competes each year. He races competitively in the world of obstacle course racing and has competed in Spartan races since 2011.

Yancy is a Spartan Death Race finisher. Very few people walking the planet can say that. He completed a 72-hour Spartan Death Race - arguably one of the toughest events on the planet.

Motivated by Movement

Yancy lives and coaches others to live like every moment is a chance to move. "Our bodies are beautiful machines," Yancy says. "Your body is a mode of transportation. And we either respect it or disrespect it. If we respect it, it will take us on all of our journeys. It will allow us to say yes to vacations with our kids and grandkids when we're 67 years old. It allows us to go to work every day. It allows us to function on this beautiful planet of ours."

Growing Up Active 

Yancy's commitment to health and fitness comes from a childhood of outdoor activity. He grew up in the country and spent a lot of time on his feet. The son of active parents, he was encouraged to participate in running and fitness activities from an early age. 

Yancy attended a small school and played every sport they offered, including football, powerlifting, and track and field. He continued his athletic pursuits with a track scholarship to the University of North Texas.

Committed to Community Health

Today, Yancy trains athletes through his online coaching platform and inspires millions through his many social media outlets. He works with GameTime to help people realize the benefits of outdoor fitness and how to use GameTime outdoor fitness products to improve community wellness.