Personalized Rope Climbing Play Systems

VistaRope® is GameTime’s collection of rope-based play activities for parks and playgrounds. Our freestanding net climbers and play system components give children an exciting way to stay active and explore a playground. With our custom design capabilities, we can create a virtually unlimited array of configurations to fit your space and budget.

Personalized Play 

GameTime net playgrounds can be custom designed for any space or budget

Only GameTime can help you design a personalized play experience with a combination of rope and net play systems, composite play structures, and other freestanding play activities. Our Landmark Design team helps you create the perfect play environment for your space and budget.

Stronger and Softer

GameTime's WeaveTech ropes are 50% stronger than other playground nets

VistaRope uses our WeaveTech™ construction to create a strong, durable, and low-maintenance playground net system. Each WeaveTech rope is 20mm in diameter and includes six SteelForce® cables with the industry's highest steel content. The cables are wrapped in our ComfortGrip® polymer coating that's stronger than nylon and softer to the touch.

Exclusive Designs, Inclusive Play

GameTime's inclusive innovations make net play fun for everyone

GameTime designs and offers VistaRope play systems you won't find anywhere else. We create custom play elements that meet your specific needs. And with products like GT Wave®, we're creating the first generation of inclusive and accessible rope play structures for people of all abilities.

Our Standard Features Are Anything but Standard

WeaveTech® Cable System

WeaveTech ropes are an industry-leading 20mm in diameter. They're up to four times stronger than competing playground nets. We start with a flexible polyamide core surrounded by six SteelForce® ropes with the industry's highest steel content. The cable system is encased in our ComfortGrip® synthetic polymer that is softer and more durable than nylon. 

Colorful and Colorfast

VistaRope nets are available in a wide range of colors that match and complement our standard playground equipment colors. The high-quality polymer coating on our WeaveTech ropes achieves an "excellent" rating for colorfastness.

Heavy Duty Hardware

VistaRope products feature heavy-duty six-inch diameter steel uprights, cast aluminum connectors, stainless steel shackles, and reinforced steel footings. Our net climbers and rope structures are precision engineered for high-capacity play.

Supports Childhood Development

VistaRope products are backed by research and designed to enhance fine and gross motor skills. They support four of the five developmental domains: physical, social-emotional, sensory, and cognitive. 

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VistaStar Climbers

Architecturally-inspired with multiple routes of travel on, around, and through the structure, our VistaStar Series net climbers come in a wide range of sizes and color options. 

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VistaSky Rope Towers

With designs up to 35' tall, you can take play to new heights with our VistaSky Rope Towers. 

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VistaJunior Rope Towers

Give children a fun and challenging climbing experience at a height that is more comfortable for younger players with VistaJunior Rope Towers.

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VistaAdventure Courses

Create ropes course adventures in your park or on the playground with our VistaAdventure series. 

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VistaTree Tops

Children can climb and spin at the same time with these super fun and exciting VistaRope net activities. Expand your play area and add play value!

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VistaArc Series

Dome and Sphere Climbers encourage children to climb up, through, over, under, and all around again and again!

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VistaRope Race Series

A fun and challenging ropes course and climbing net all in one!

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VistaTwist Towers

Climb and explore these amazing net towers that reach up to 22-feet tall!

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