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You Were Meant to THRIVE

Improve community health and wellness with THRIVE outdoor composite fitness structures from GameTime. THRIVE fitness systems accommodate multiple users at once, providing a wide range of personal or group training options in as little as 250-square-feet. With a small footprint, low cost of entry and a wide range of exercise options, THRIVE removes barriers to high-quality functional fitness and creates connections between people of all social backgrounds throughout the community.

Todd Hammonds - UC Santa Cruz, Assoc. Director of Athletics and Recreation "The [THRIVE] equipment is top-notch. I don't think we could have done better. The equipment gets used every day by a diverse group of students, staff, faculty and retirees. We are looking to add additional pieces in the future due to the popularity of the equipment."
Yancy Culp, Elite OCR Trainer and founder of Yancy Camps For 10+ years I have led an outdoor Boot Camp and trained elite athletes. I’m continually looking for ways to help people progress in their fitness goals, become a better version of themselves and THRIVE in every area of their lives.
Anne-Marie, Fitness Enthusiast "THRIVE is great for any level of athlete. There are a lot of ways you can use THRIVE."
Phillip - Marketing Professional "I want to maintain a good level of health and fitness, and I prefer to exercise outdoors. THRIVE is a great fit for me."
The THRIVE Difference

Compact Size

As parks, universities and fitness centers look to maximize available space, THRIVE provides a space-saving solution that accommodates multiple users in a single location. 

Adaptive Fitness

Each THRIVE system is designed to provide a full body workout for individuals or groups. Each training station provides adaptive training options for all ability levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

Durable Design

THRIVE is constructed of steel and synthetic materials and assembled with tamper-proof hardware for maximum durability. With nearly a century of experience of designing and installing outdoor recreation equipment, GameTime has experience creating spaces that withstand the elements and heavy use. 

Integrated Shade

Keep the workout cooler and more comfortable with integrated shade options for all THRIVE models.

Usage Instructions

THRIVE signage is available for each system. Our signs are constructed of durable, weather-resistant materials, and provide helpful instructions for all THRIVE stations. You can also download a copy of fitness station descriptions and exercise options.

Workout Programs

Download trainer-developed workouts for all THRIVE models: 250, 450 and 900. These booklets contain options for beginner, intermediate and advanced users and include tips to modify exercises for your specific fitness level.

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THRIVE Stories - Molly

Molly is a student at Virginia Tech University. She uses THRIVE as part of her workout program on campus.

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THRIVE Stories - Phillip

Phillip works hard and has a busy schedule, but staying fit is important to him. He appreciates being able to fit in a workout outdoors with THRIVE.

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THRIVE Stories - Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie is a fitness enthusiast and Spartan race champion. THRIVE is a great way for her to train for her next race or her next challenge in life. 

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THRIVE Stories - Shashwot

A full time student with a full course load, Shashwot is balancing a lot of things in his day. One thing that helps him keep that balance is staying fit outdoors with THRIVE.

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THRIVE Stories - Amber

Amber is a student and a fitness trainer at Virginia Tech University. For her, THRIVE means a break from the ordinary workouts and a chance to be more active outdoors.

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THRIVE Stories - Rob

Mixed martial artist, author, and health and wellness specialist, Rob is committed to helping others achieve the next level in their fitness journey. THRIVE is a great tool in his toolkit.

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