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 5-Star Installation

For a Seamless, Certified, and Compliant Project

GameTime offers turn-key, 5-star installation so you don't have to worry about anything. GameTime has been building and installing playgrounds for nearly 90 years- and our experience means your project will run smoothly.



Pre-Install Site Review

GameTime's local reps and certified installers will examine the site of your future playground to make sure the environment will be a great spot for a playground. 


Is there an unobstructed path to the site? Can the necessary machines gain access? Is the ground flat? Will rain be able to drain? Do the trees need to be removed?


Equipment Delivery & Site Prep

Once the site is deemed OK, we'll then prep the site and deliver the equipment. Prepping the site might include clearing brush, trees, or other landscape, but we'll keep that process as easy as possible. We'll manage the project so you don't have to.


Frequent Communication Throughout the Project

Because wherever you are, we're local, our reps will maintain frequent communication througout the project. None of our reps are more than a 24-hour trip away from you in the U.S. We'll be there for every step of the project. It's important to us that everything runs smoothly and that you build the best playground or fitness park for your community.


Site Cleanup & Refuse Removal

After the playground is constructed and all the safety surfacing is laid down, we'll clean up trash and make sure the play area or fitness park looks pristine and ready for your community.

We want your playground to look good, and we will do everything it takes to make sure it does.


Final Walk Through & Approval

Our local rep will do a final walk-through of the site with you to make sure it's exactly like you wanted. We build playgrounds to help bring communities together through play, so we want to make sure the playground or fitness park is perfect for you.