PrimeTime Odyssey

A Playful Voyage Awaits

PrimeTime Odyssey is a fun and exciting way to theme your PrimeTime play system. The playful-looking pod enclosures attach to any PrimeTime platform and work with all PrimeTime climbers, slides, and panels.

With PrimeTime Odyssey, you can create a themed adventure that inspires a child’s imagination and still maintain the space-saving and economical features that makes PrimeTime the standard for affordable play.

Where Will Your Imagination Take You?

Easy to Theme

The playful, organic shape of PrimeTime Odyssey works with almost any color combination or theme. Create a space exploration, a giant flower garden, jungle cruise, or undersea adventure. 

Fun to Expand

PrimeTime Odyssey is compatible with the full collection of PrimeTime climbers, panels, and slides. Mix and match the play components you love with an exciting new visual style. 

Playful Details Above

We designed the uprights on PrimeTime Odyssey to curve inward and included louvre-style panels for playful, comfortable shade. 

Active Elements Below

PrimeTime Odyssey pods at 5' deck heights and above include an internal climber. 

PrimeTime Odyssey

Take a closer look at the PrimeTime Odyssey pods at six different deck heights, including models with internal climbers. 

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Check out the dozens of panels, climbers, and slides available for PrimeTime Odyssey!

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