Playground Slides

Playground Slides -- Metal and Plastic Slides, Spiral and Tube Slides

Playground slides come in a smorgasbord of shapes and sizes, from rumbling, bumpy, sensory-filled playground slides, to spiral, loping playground slides.

Metal playground slides are a great choice for children with cochlear implants, because the static of a plastic playground slide can interfere with the implants, and also a great choice for city parks that might have high vandalism concerns.

Kids slides are a playground staple. GameTime playground slides come in a variety of lengths, so kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy the exhilarating motion of flying down playground slides. Our 8-foot zip slide is the fastest playground slide built -- but has an angle of decent for a soft, easy stop.

There's a lot to think about when purchasing playground slides. Do you want a tall, straight slide, or a spiral slide, or a double, looping slide? Some slides are a sensory extravaganza, adding some calming bumps along the way.

Playground slides will keep kids entertained for years to come.

Metal playground slides are a great choice for areas with high vandalism rates.

Tube Slides

We offer a wide variety of tube slides, from over and under models, to quick turn and fast options.

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Spiral Slides

Add some exciting twists and turns to the usual playground slide experience by incorporating spiral slides into your play area.

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Metal Slides

Metal playground slides are a great choice if the area your playground is in might have high vandalism rates. Metal slides are also a great option for kids' with cochlear implants.

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