National Recreation and Park Association

NRPA advances parks, recreation and environmental conservation efforts that enhance human potential and the quality of life for all people. Working closely with allied organizations, NRPA strives to facilitate and promote the development of grassroots, self-help initiatives in communities across the country.

Dr. Joe Frost Play, of both children and adults, serves social and cultural functions...creating distinct communities within society.
Robin Moore If we are going to solve the problem of sedentary childhood, we have no choice but to refocus intense professional attention on design for outdoor free play in everyday naturalized settings.


As a longtime partner, GameTime is a leading contributor of the annual NRPA Congress and Exposition, hosting the opening party and participating in various leave behind playground projects. We regularly sponsor and present at a variety of national, state, and regional conferences and symposiums on various topics surrounding play. GameTime is proud to work closely with NRPA leaders to improve the communities they serve. Our parent company, PlayCore, is NRPA’s sole Tier One sponsor.

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