July 02, 2018

Making Ari’s Inclusive Playground Wish Come True

Wish Granted.

Ari is a wonderful little girl who lives in Georgia. She has a rare disease that affects her gross motor skills, such as walking and balance. Playing on a public playground is very difficult for Ari. What she wished for, more than anything, was a playground in her backyard she could enjoy any time she wanted.

Make-A-Wish Georgia is all about making wishes come true for children like Ari. GameTime is all about creating places for every child to play.

Make-A-Wish reached out to GameTime to help create an inclusive play experience for Ari - a place she could play with her family and friends. We designed a playground slide with a transfer system to make it easier for her to enjoy it. We also included an Expression Swing® Universal - our adaptive swing seat design that allows an adult to swing face-to-face and eye-to-eye with a child. 

When the team unveiled the new play area, Ari was delighted to see her dream come true. Make-A-Wish captured the moment in a beautiful video. Watch below, and learn more about Make-A-Wish at georgia.wish.org.