National Demonstration Sites

Committed to Best Practice Leadership

Committed to Best Practice Leadership

GameTime helps you gain national recognition for your commitment to building communities through play. There are four National Demonstration Site designations awarded by our parent company, PlayCore, which recognizes communities that develop play and recreation areas based on design and usage best practices. Qualifying sites receive certification, are added to a national database, vigorously promoted in regional and national publications and presented as best practice examples in outreach and educational seminars.

7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design®

Join our national initiative to build a network of communities moving beyond accessibility to provide truly inclusive play spaces that promote participation, healthy activity, and social interaction.


Join our national initiative to build a network of communities promoting highest use of playgrounds through integration of the built environment and the living landscape.

Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks™

Join our national initiative to build a network of communities promoting health through Outdoor Adult Fitness Park best practices.

Pathways for Play®

Join our national initiative to build a network of communities promoting active families and community connectivity through the development of playful pathway networks.


Community Commitment to Outdoor Play

Brainerd Baptist School is a private school in Chattanooga, Tennessee that replaced an aging play system with a modern, compliant and accessible playground that served the diverse needs of its Pre-K through Grade 5 population. They also wanted to create a nature-themed playscape that would provide neighborhood children and families an opportunity to engage in active, outdoor play. The new playground features two play systems, one for ages 2-5 and one for ages 5-12, with developmentally appropriate play activities for children of all abilities. There are swings, ground level play activities, stadium seating and a large turf area for free play activities like football or soccer.

Moving Fitness Forward

The City of Ocala has always been focused on creating a high standard of living for its citizens. In 2013, community leaders decided to enhance a popular walking trail with outdoor fitness equipment, but they weren’t willing to settle for anything but the very best. They wanted to make sure that the products they selected provided all the elements of a well-rounded fitness program and they wanted them to appeal to users of all fitness levels. GameTime responded with the GTfit Advanced Series, the most innovative outdoor fitness products available. Built from durable, low-maintenance materials, and designed to look like the machines you find in professional health clubs, the Advanced Series utilizes our exclusive resistance technologies to provide a great workout for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.