Modern City

Inspired Design that Inspires Play

Modern Play for Modern Cities

Introducing a new kind of play system for the modern city at play.

Modern City® makes a strong visual statement, attracts children and families, and encourages and empowers children to be physically, mentally and socially active. Architeturally-inspired with square steel uprights that tower up to 16-feet, it looks at home in a city park or a suburban green space and celebrates the best of traditional play structures while offering flexible options to enjoy playful movement.

With three series to choose from, Modern City is a beautiful, scalable play solution for any age group, budget or space.



Tom Munoz - Landscape Architect The [Modern City] Playground at Junior Seau Park was filled with an enormous amount of kids and their parents. That's the most amount of kids I've seen at the park in a long time. The playground is a working miracle.
Natalie Wilson - Parent I am especially impressed by the challenging and engaging climbing opportunities. It is rare to find playgrounds that give older children the mental and physical workout their growing bodies and minds so desperately need.
Take a Closer Look at Modern City

Signature Style

The X-Frame hub uses cast aluminum shrouds to protect the connection hardware and to add a unique climbing activity. The uprights themselves support climbing and create multiple routes of travel to reach the upper levels.

Multi-Tiered Play

Maximizing play value and activity within the play space is important. Modern City has multiple layers of play: ground-level, mid-level and upper level areas so more children can enjoy active play together. 

Sensory Rich

We included ground-level play activities to encourage fine and gross motor skill development and to foster scientific and social discovery. Stainless steel, oversized mechanical bolts, mirror balls, mega horns, and more are built into the X-Frame uprights.

High Visibility

The design of Modern City is intended to attract attention of children and families. It also creates open sight lines so parents and children can see one another and interact during play. 


Spinners and climbing discs are at transfer height to create comfortable access. Multiple ground level activities and a transferable slide make Modern City accessible for children of all abilities.

Low Maintenance

Designed with maintenance in mind, the heavy-duty supports, minimal hardware and hidden connections all make Modern City a durable, low-maintenance product. All cables are single units allowing easy replacement in the event of wear or vandalism. 

V Series

Compact in size, unconventional in style and packed with play activities for children ages 2 to 5.

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X Series

An architecturally-inspired design with fully climbable multi-tiered play area for children age 5 to 12.

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M Series

M Series climbers can be used alone or functionally linked to add more adventure, physical activity and fun.

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Freestanding Play

Freestanding play activities designed to complement your Modern City play system and provide additional play value.

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