Obstacle Course-Inspired Play Systems

Made for the Way Children Play!

One of the fastest-growing playground trends in recent years is obstacle courses. Children of all ages love the fun and friendly competition they provide, and there are many benefits of outdoor obstacle courses for children. FitKid® makes it easy to add obstacle course-style activities to any PowerScape® play system!

Inspired by Challenge Course and Stadium

FitKid play system components include some of the most popular obstacle course challenges from the Stadium® and Challenge Course® by GameTime. Now they're available to use with your PowerScape play system designs to bring the obstacle course experience to any playground! Choose from eight exciting climbers that encourage kids to keep moving.

Three Reasons to Choose FitKid

FitKid Saves Space

Not every school or park has the space required for a full size obstacle course, but that doesn't mean you can provide the same experience. With FitKid, you can add obstacle course challenges to a PowerScape play system, saving space and creating a fun way for kids to stay fit!

FitKid Encourages Movement

Studies show children do not participate in enough physical activity each day. FitKid play systems encourage children to keep moving and makes them want to be more active during play!

FitKid is Fun!

Kids love outdoor obstacle courses. The challenges improve strength and agility while being a lot of fun. With FitKid components, you can add that same fun and excitement to your play system.

FitKid Play System Components

Choose from eight fun and exciting climbers that transform any PowerScape play system into an obstacle course experience!

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