Design Your Own Course

Your Community. Your Obstacle Course.

Design Your Own Obstacle Course

Every community is unique and so are your goals for health and wellness. When GameTime introduced Challenge Course, the first ever outdoor obstacle course for public places, we designed three course styles to make it easy for customers to select and install based on their available space, budget and user age ranges.

Choose the Perfect Fit

With so many communities accepting the challenge to make family health and wellness a priority, it's important to make sure Challenge Course continues to be a destination for every generation. That's why we've made it possible for you to design your own outdoor obstacle course with any of our course components. Mix and match colors to make your Challenge Course unlike any other!

New Obstacle Course Options

We've added some new components, as well, to help you create the perfect place for families to meet, compete and repeat!

David Jennigs, Director - Bishop Hills Park and Recreation GameTime lets you design your own Challenge Course. That's a game-changer! Now, more than ever, this is the choice for family fitness.
Da’Tavian Alexander, a 7th grade student I like seeing how fast I finish the course. I try to go faster or find quicker ways to finish so that I get a better time. I want to be in that number one spot on the leaderboard.
Kris Lofthus - Recreation and Community Services Director, City of Suisun City The Challenge Course at Heritage Park attracts people of all ages from all over the county. It's a place where everyone can play together.
Tips for the Perfect Challenge Course

Decide on Youth or Pro

When designing your own outdoor obstacle course, start with determining who the course is for. If you are creating this for younger children and need to comply with ASTM standards for playground equipment, choose the Youth version of our components. These are designed for ages 5 to 12 and meet ASTM requirements.

Pro versions are larger and meet the ASTM standards for outdoor fitness equipment for ages 13 and up.

Make it a Well-Rounded Obstacle Course

Our Challenge Course components are designed to provide three distinct physical benefits: speed and agility, strength, and balance. Select components from all three categories to make sure users are getting the best possible outdoor obstacle course experience.

Still not sure which components to choose? Speak with a GameTime expert in your neighborhood or choose a pre-configured course.

Provide Instructions for Use

Consider a custom Challenge Course instructional sign to give users a clear view of the course and its components. The sign also includes usage instructions for each component, as well as information on using the timing system, if applicable.

Talk with a GameTime Challenge Course expert about how to customize your sign with your city seal or logo of a corporate sponsor.

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Speed and Agility

These components promote and enhance a user's overall speed and agility. Use Ninja Steps at the beginning of a course to give users a solid starting point. Include agility trainers at intermediate stages along the course to regulate speed and improve agility. 

Youth Series Pro Series


These components focus on developing and enhancing upper body, core and lower body strength in users of all ages and fitness levels. They also promote hand-eye coordination, grip strength and decision-making skills.

Youth Series Pro Series


One of the most important aspects of health and wellness is balance and core strength. These components promote balance and stability as users climb, traverse or move through or across them.

Youth Series Pro Series
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