Texas Statewide Education and Funding Initiative

TRAPS Promotes Community Health and Innovative Partnerships for Play

A Texas-Sized Commitment to Healthy Communities

Texas Recreation and Parks Society (TRAPS), PlayCore and GameTime are working together to provide quality education, evidence-based resources and funding opportunities to create healthy play and recreation spaces across the state of Texas.  

The statewide initiative included professional development events in regions across Texas. Attendees received CEU hours and learned best practices in the areas of inclusive play, outdoor physical activity for children and adults, nature and trail-based play and much more! 

Workshop attendees also learned details about a funding opportunity that will help them put research into action in your community. 

Michal Anne Lord, Ph.D - Executive Director, Texas Recreation and Parks Society "This partnership allows us to align our missions to provide education, advocacy resources, and utilize research-based best practices to report community outcomes."
Paul Naughton, RLA - Landscape Architect, Prosper, Texas “The initiative allowed Prosper to build a state-of-the-art playground for children to enjoy in a natural setting. Research shows that exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults.”
Pam Nelson - Past President, Texas Recreation and Parks Society "We were excited to participate in this funding program in 2016 to align with our mission of providing education, advocacy, and the opportunity to promote research and outcomes"
Chris Tribble - Directory of Community Services, Southlake, Texas “The opportunity through the funding initiative allowed the development of a new, outstanding playground for the Chesapeake Place neighborhood and surrounding residents to enjoy for many years to come.
Goals of the TRAPS Statewide Initiative

Provide Professional Development Events

Broaden the knowledge base across the state

Presented by PlayCore master trainers, these half-day CEU workshops cover important topics such as designing inclusive play and recreation spaces, creating nature-infused and trail-based play environments, encouraging greater physical activity for children and promotion of health and wellness for older teens and adults. 

Deploy Research and Outcomes Tracking

Set the standard and improve quality of life

By gaining a better understanding of how parks are used across the state of Texas, TRAPS agencies can adjust programming and usage to better serve children and families and have a greater impact on quality of life.

Develop Joint Use Ventures

Align parks, schools and health partners

Bringing together the right partners means sharing services and  increasing social capital in the process. Working as a team, we can make Texas a happier, healthier place to live, work and play!

Provide Matching Funds Assistance

Put research into action

GameTime is awarding matching funds to qualifying agencies who submit applications after attending a TRAPS statewide initiative event. Your application will include an essay that describes your community playground needs and desired outcomes. 

Submit your funding application online

Process and Deadlines
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