Liberty State Park

Libery State Park

Jersey City, NJ


A Model for Integenerational Recreation

Within view of the New York City skyline is Liberty State Park, a 1,200-acre family destination that opened in 1976 as part of the United States Bicentennial celebration. It’s location adjacent to the Statue of Liberty makes it a frequently-visited attraction. More than four million people visit this park each year. 

GameTime and MRC Recreation, our exclusive representative in New Jersey, recently renovated the park with a large inclusive play area, outdoor fitness spaces, and an outdoor obstacle course. These amenities encourage fun, active play by people of all ages and abilities. 

The park’s idyllic setting with views of New York City across the Hudson and Ellis Island next door invites people to reflect on our shared history and heritage. It’s also designed to encourage exploration, walking, jogging, and cycling with its many paths throughout the park. 

Families spend time fishing, kayaking, sharing picnic lunches, and enjoying the wide-open spaces in the park. Liberty State Park is a model for creating intergenerational recreation that serves and includes everyone.


Create a Space to Encourage Intergenerational Play
  • Create inclusive play areas for people of all abilities
  • Provide outdoor fitness opportunities for all ages
  • Reconnect families with nature and with one another
  • Encourage additional family activities like walking, kayaking, cycling, and fishing
  • Offer points of historical interest and education