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As a PlayCore company, GameTime has access to design programs and educational curriculum that are developed by experts in the field of play and recreation. These resources are research-based and peer reviewed by independent parties and provide specialized guidance to communities, landscape architects, parks professionals and others who want to create a recreation space that aligns with best practices.

We want everyone–children, families and communities–to succeed, so we provide these design guides, curriculum programs, and educational resources free of cost or obligation as part of our investment in your community. We also host educational seminars across the country on these and other topics. Seminars are provided at no cost and attendees are eligible for CEU hours.

Robin Moore DiplArch, MCP, Hon. ASLA A generation ago playing outdoors in nature was usually taken for granted, but times have changed. Now, nature must be deliberately designed back into children’s lives.
Keith Christensen, Ph.D., Faculty Fellow, Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities Providing intergenerational, inclusive play ensures that all people experience the satisfaction of contributing to meaningful play.
Dr. Joe Frost Free, spontaneous play and outdoor playscapes, both natural and built, are essential for the fitness, health, and development of children and for their adaptation to their culture, society, and world.

Inclusive Playground Design

Developed by PlayCore in partnership with Utah State University, Center for Persons with Disabilities, Me2: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design is a comprehensive guidebook for creating play environments for people of all ages and abilities. The program defines 7 principles of inclusive playground design that strive to create a truly inclusive and embracing play experience to meet the developmental needs of the whole child by intentionally providing opportunities for physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, and sensory development. 

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Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks

Research is supporting the notion that Outdoor Fitness Parks for adults provide a variety of relevant outcomes to community inhabitants through their increased participation in more moderate to vigorous physical activity. This guidebook, developed by PlayCore in partnership with leading experts in the fields of health, exercise physiology, and human performance, outlines the advantages of parks and outdoor fitness zones as critical health solutions, by reducing sedentary-related illnesses and removing the barriers to a life of fitness and activity.

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Trail-Based Play

Trails and greenways are some of the most beneficial amenities in a community. Unfortunately, many trails are underutilized by children and families. PlayCore partnered with the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University to offer this educational resource designed to help professional and community activists promote playful trails and greenways across our nation. 

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Natural Playgrounds

A growing body of research reveals a strong link between children’s experiences of being outdoors in nature and their psychological well-being and overall development. PlayCore developed the best practice guidebook, NatureGrounds, with the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University to help communities deliberately design nature back into children’s lives to benefit children’s play, physical activity levels, and to create richer play experiences for all users.

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Professional Development and Continuing Education

Our comprehensive Outreach Education Program can provide free customized educational seminars on a variety of topics surrounding play and recreation. Designed to be flexible in order to meet the individualized needs of our audiences, we invite you to experience these educational sessions and to maximize the many resources we have available. Our goal is to offer informative, innovative, and fun learning opportunities while increasing your awareness about the value of play and current trends in the industry.

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National Demonstration Sites

Sites designed using these best practice guides are eligible for recognition as National Demonstration Sites by PlayCore. National Demonstration Sites are included in our online database, promoted in industry and educational publications and utilized as case studies in community outreach sessions and educational workshops. 

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