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Style Meets Durability

Classic styles, old-world charm, and modern designs are all part of our StreetScape® range. Choose from benches, seats, receptacles, and tables from our many collections to create the perfect place to rest, relax, and gather together.

Available in a wide range of colors, materials, and patterns, and backed by an industry-leading warranty, StreetScape is the perfect addition to your community.

Frederick Law Olmsted, Father of American Landscape Architecture Give people a place to sit and linger, to appreciate a particularly fine view or landscape, much as museums place seating in important exhibits.
Mitch Williams These are great additions to our park. They give us plenty of places to gather with friends and family, and they're very comfortable and durable.
George Dusenby, Trust for Public Land Does it have a bench? Then it's a park.
Make a Visual Statement

Patterns and Styles

Find the perfect complement to your space with patterns and styles ranging from traditional to modern, and everything in between.

Recycled Materials

Many of our collections offer recycled plastic "lumber" for a natural look that is also good for the natural environment. 

Powdercoat or Thermoplastic

Choose from our standard or premium finishes to maximize affordability or durability, and select from a wide range of beautiful color options.

Series 100

Series 100 is a classic. With traditional slats and a sleek armrest, its the perfect complement to any park or street. A perennial favorite throughout the world, this is going to be your new favorite place to rest and relax.

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Series 200

A minimalist style that provides maximum value, Series 200 features modern, wide slats and a distinctive Y-shaped frame. It's a contemporary favorite that looks great anywhere. 

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Series 300

With an easy-going style that looks at home in the city, the country and everywhere in between, this collection offers three pattern variations to help you find the perfect upscale look for your park or recreation space.

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Series 400

Slim, yet ornamental, strong, yet understated, Series 400 combines sleek curves with classic slats to create a timeless style. Choose from a range of seats, benches and tables to create the perfect space.

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Series 500

Series 500 benches feature a beautiful teardrop design that complements any space. It’s a stunning option for parks or streetscapes.

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Series 600

Series 600 tables, benches and receptacles feature a distinctive geometric style. The strong artistic statement, combined with durable materials, creates a long-lasting addition to your community.

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Series 700

Eclectic style meets environmental sustainability with Series 700. Oval tubing is used to create a signature profile and style, and the material choices give you the flexibility to create the perfect design. Choose from recycled plastic lumber or recyclable powder-coated steel.

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Series 800

Get creative with the modular design of Series 800. The curved sections can be configured any way you like to create the perfect seating area for your community. Features sleek lines and a perforated steel surface for a modern style.

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Series 900

An instant classic, Series 900 benches and receptacles combine traditional style with durable materials to give your community the perfect place to stop, rest and relax.

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Series 1000

Pure, clean lines with rolled edges present a beautiful and polished style to any seating area. Features our premium powder-coated finish for maximum durability.

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Series 1100

If traditional style is your preference, but you like options, Series 1100 is for you. Choose from different patterns and materials to create the perfect seating area.

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Series 1200

The signature, elliptical armrests on Series 1200 benches create a graceful and beautiful profile for these seating options. Choose from four styles.

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Series 1300

Series 1300 is elegance redefined. Choose from a variety of patterns and styles to create the perfect spot for rest and relaxation.

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Series 1400

This is going to be your favorite place to sit. Choose from genuine wood or powder-coated steel and enjoy the beautiful lines and curves that make this a functional and beautiful addition to your community.

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Series 1500

Horizontal steel rods and curved stabilizers give Series 1500 benches a signature style and a high degree of comfort.

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Series 1600

With a beautiful cantilever design, the Series 1600 makes a modern visual statement unlike any other: strong, durable and beautiful all in one package.

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Series 1700

Constructed of durable steel and Indonesian Batu wood, this is an affordable way to add a mahogany-style look to an outdoor seating area.

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Series 1800

Traditional style meets island flair with Series 1800 benches and receptacles. Features durable steel panels with a laser-cut bamboo pattern.

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Series 1900

Nothing compares to the look of a deep, rich cherry finish. That’s exactly the look you achieve when you add Series 1900 products to your recreation space. The Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) is the perfect complement to the durable steel frame.

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Series 2000

A classic and economical way to add durability and style to your recreation area or streetscape. Features Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) slats.

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Series 2100

A classic look with beautiful Brazilian Cherry wood makes the perfect place to rest and relax.

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Series 2200

Comfort and style meet in traditional bench and seat options. Collection includes matching litter receptacle.

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Series 2300

Clean lines and smooth curves create a modern style for these seats and benches. Collection includes matching litter receptacle.

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Series 2400

An instant classic, this beautiful high-back bench features a modern, perforated steel design and clean lines. 

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